Acquisition Identification, Assessment and Commercial Due Diligence

Are you making the right decisions?

Our approach embraces all aspects of the business acquisition process. By fully understanding our clients aspirations and strategy we can:

  • Identify targets in operational or synergetic business sectors to fit with client aims;
  • Assess the relative merits of targets;
  • Advise best/overall fit with business objectives;
  • Provide a full Commercial Due Diligence package prior to acquisition.

We have operated in this sector on both a business-to-business basis, working directly with operational companies, and with the finance sector – banking and venture capital (MBO and MBI) - providing an independent overview throughout the business acquisition process. Our understanding of the business-winning imperatives in engineering and technology has enabled us to provide clients with a candid assessment of the market security and commercial value to the business of a target.

“The nature of Four D's relationship with its customers was a key focus for us in due diligence as it is critical to Four D's success that those relationships are strong. Imcron's research provided us with the comfort we required in this area in order to provide Four D with a long-term funding package”.

Donald Fowler, Associate Director, Bank of Scotland