Business strategy, strategic planning and implementation

Do you know where you are going?

We conduct a thorough investigation, embracing:

  • Market size, structure and dynamics;
  • Market needs, cost of problems and future technology challenges;
  • Products/solution positioning against current and future market need;
  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis of client and competition;
  • Competitive positioning;
  • Sector profitability and positional strength;
  • Opportunity identification and targets;
  • Development of full strategic plan, action and implementation timetable.

Our approach is to acknowledge that every business has within it a wealth of expertise. We engage this expertise and provide an opportunity for them to park the day-to-day issues of running the business and focus on the future. We facilitate a programme of guiding the business management team through the strategic marketing and business planning process

“IMCRON Management has acted as a facilitator on a number of occasions during important strategic reviews of our business. There is no doubt that the structure, thought process and direction given by IMCRON during these meetings resulted in us making sound commercial decisions that have brought continued success to our company”.

Ken Southwell, Sales & Marketing Director, Ultraseal International.