Customer Perception Research & Analysis

What do customers really think about you?

Imcron provides an independent and candid analysis of the strategic position - the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - you hold with your customers.

  • Qualitatively, we gather direct individual feedback from both executive and operational areas - engineering, quality, commercial, logistics, finance, manufacturing, etc. - to give a true, candid picture of your relationships, performance and future prospects.
  • Quantitatively, we are able to configure an assessment enabling clients to measure progress numerically on a regular basis.

Remember, the longer the business relationship, the greater the danger of suppliers mistakenly believing they have a comprehensive understanding of their of their true strategic position, focussing on short term expediencies and losing sight of the strategic necessities - a case of 'not seeing the wood for the trees'.

“Imcron Management undertook a comprehensive worldwide customer survey covering our key customers. The nature of our questioning can lead to involved discussions and at all times we were confident in Imcron's ability to handle sensitive situations with professionalism and care. The results of the survey gave us important insights into the areas that we needed to improve but equally important were the opinions and key messages that the Imcron picked up during their one-to-one interviews. As always the quality of service from Imcron was highly professional and reliable”.

Richard Carter - Business Development Director,
Ultra Electronics-Electrics

“IMCRON's ability to conduct impartial third party research with our key customer identified areas of opportunity where we could add greater value to the business relationship. We have addressed these opportunities and enjoy a much stronger relationship as a result”.

Andy Cunliffe, Director McBraida plc