Market Research, including identification, positional analysis and entry strategy

Be sure you understand your target market

We can provide a comprehensive strategy and analysis of:

  • Market size, structure and dynamics;
  • Specification and decision making route;
  • Strengths and weakness of current solutions and providers;
  • Market needs, cost of problems and future technology challenges;
  • Barriers and keys to entry;
  • Target customer selection;
  • Route to market and prime access points;
  • Key Influencers and Decision Makers.

Growing a business and taking it into new areas demands understanding and planning. Your potential customers already have providers so why should they prejudice their position by entertaining someone new and possibly unknown? The key is a real appreciation of the problems and challenges they face and a proposition that gives them a solution faster, more reliably and more cost effectively on a total cost of acquisition basis, not just a cheaper 'me too'. They have to justify their cost of change and believe that they will benefit.

growth matrix diagram

We operate across each area of the matrix and have helped clients branch-out and position themselves to take advantage of opportunities in new markets and sectors.

Are you sure you are making the most of your existing market?

Before embarking of new market identification you should be hyper self-critical.

Are you certain you really understand your existing business areas? Are you maximising in A and B?

Remember it will cost you 10 times as much to win business in new areas than it will to build a stronger position in your existing markets.

“With the decline in opportunities in traditional European industrial manufacturing markets, Freudenberg Simrit LP prioritised aerospace as a future growth area. Imcron's independent market assessment helped us to focus our world leading knowledge, in delivering innovative technical sealing and vibration control solutions to further sectors within the European Aerospace market”.

Dick Bird, European Aerospace Manager, Freudenberg Simrit LP