Supply Chain Research & Analysis

Do you really have the supply chain to meet your needs?

We supply independent research to:

  • Overcome operational misunderstandings;
  • Identify non-value-added transactional and administrative processes;
  • Uncover operational and manufacturing cost reduction options;
  • Indicate mismatched personal positions;
  • Analyse misaligned approach and strategy.

The modern business environment demands products and systems of the highest quality, that work first time, are operationally sound and supported through life, are delivered OTIF - all this within the envelope of value-for-money and continuous innovation to reduce total acquisition cost.

Having an aligned, high performance supply chain is essential to satisfying customer need and ensuring that sales and marketing effort is not compromised.

Sometimes transactional operations and relationships are stifled by the uncertainty that exists within the usual supplier/customer relationship and the baggage of history.

We provide qualitative analysis based on direct feedback gathered from all areas of the organisation:

  • Engineering;
  • Quality control;
  • Commercial;
  • Logistics;
  • Finance;
  • Manufacturing, etc.

This analysis not only provides a true, candid picture of the business and personal relationships that exist: it also gives a road map for enhanced mutual performance, growth and profit maximisation, all within an environment of openness and trust.

The information obtained also enables us to provide a Quantitative assessment permitting clients to measure progress numerically on a regular basis.

“IMCRON conducted a most valuable and independent assessment of a traditionally difficult Supplier/Customer relationships, bringing both individuals and organisations closer together. A better and more honest and open relationship has followed creating a foundation upon which to develop longer term strategic relationships”.

Nigel Heeley, Purchasing Executive Rolls-Royce plc